Last Trail! From Truckee up through Fordyce Creek Trail – Ultimate Adventure 2016

Part 5 of Ultimate Adventure 2016. You often save the best for last. In the case of Ultimate Adventure, you save the most challenging for last…which in our minds is the best. So, technically we’re still saving the best for last. We left Truckee, California, the morning of Day 6 and wound our way past Donner Lake and up through Donner Pass….with plenty of food in the coolers. After topping the tanks and airing down, we nosed into the last trail of UA2016. And what a last trail the Fordyce Creek Trail turned out to be! It starts out pretty slow and mellow, but before long the scenery and terrain become exponentially more incredible. Big winch hills and deep water crossings are this trail’s forte. And before the sun fell on our first day on Fordyce Creek Trail, we’d nearly laid several rigs on their sides, overheated some, and left a bunch of rubber on rocks. Skinny pedal throttle action anybody? Good, because it’s here. On Day 7, we awoke next to a rushing river at Committee Crossing before wading through to the other side and breaking some parts. Nobody get out of UA without some kind of malady. Whether it’s a blown up engine, fragged axleshafts, dented sheetmetal, or even a stubbed toe, carnage is the word of the day. And this year’s UA was no exception. See if you favorite rig makes it out alive. For more action, videos, pictures check out

Catch the entire week of 2016 Ultimate Adventure on the Motor Trend Channel December 12th through December 16th with a new video premiering each day!

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