Some 2020 Corvette Owners Are Reporting An Issue With A Screw Chipping The Door


The owner of a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray recently discovered a minor fault with their car and took to the Corvette Forum to share a handful of images of something that may have slipped through the automaker’s quality control.

“Minor design problem… When opening the drivers door all the way, one of the screws coming through the fender can chip the paint on the edge of the door,” wrote user ‘trdake2020’.

The images he shared show that on this Corvette, there is a long screw popping through from the inside of the front fender. This screw protrudes out so far that when the driver’s door is opened fully, it chips away a small area of paint.

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Although this isn’t a safety issue, it must be annoying for certain owners of the C8 to see how easily the door can be damaged. A search from the Corvette Forum thread regarding the issue suggests that not all C8 models to have been delivered to customers feature such long fender screws and that their doors don’t hit the screw.

“Just checked mine #1839. Clearance is good…” said user ‘Sin City’, while another one wrote,”Clearance ok on #2330. However the clearance on the driver door is close. Passenger door a little better. Guess I will not be opening all the way now.”

However, another user said that “Vin #16 NOT GOOD!!!!!!!! OMG it chipped Chuck’s door all up.”

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Unless General Motors itself investigates the issue, it’s hard to say exactly why some ‘Vettes feature these long screws. Some users speculate that the plant worker who assembled the front fender of this Corvette may have accidentally installed a longer screw than necessary, perhaps because the screw was mixed in with a bunch of other ones in that particular assembly station.

Those who have taken delivery of 2020 Corvettes in recent weeks should check to see if their doors hit these screws. If they do, we’d recommend contacting the Chevrolet dealership you purchased the car through and having them inspect the car. It’s kind of hard to tell from these pictures if it’s just a simple touch up or if more work would be necessary, though it does look to be deep.

We’ve reached out to Chevrolet for a comment and will be updating this story if they get back to us.

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