Karma Automotive’s E-Flex Platform Fits Most Every Plug-In Imaginable

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  • Karma E-Flex Platform Offers Fast-to-Market Electric Vehicle Conversions with Ease
  • In Coming Weeks, Additional Configurations Will Emphasize Capabilities/Benefits
  • Open Platform Partnerships Allow Manufacturers to Reduce EV Development Costs Through Use of Karma’s Innovations

Irvine, Calif. (March 31, 2020) – Karma Automotive today announced the introduction of the Karma E-Flex Platform a highly versatile chassis that will offer new electric vehicle mobility solutions ranging from autonomously-driven utility vans, to ‘every-day’ driver vehicles, to high-performance supercars.

Karma, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech incubator, said the first showcase of the highly-flexible platform currently supports the company’s 2020 Revero GT extended-range electric vehicle (EREV).   As part of the project, additional EREV platform offerings, platforms for battery-electric-only vehicles (BEVs), and ‘proof-of-concept’ vehicles will be showcased in coming weeks.

Overall, the goal of the project will demonstrate Karma’s growing capabilities and highlight the E-Flex Platform’s core high-tech applications including autonomy, software and hardware, artificial intelligence and advanced transportation solutions.

“We created a physical product that can be formatted into five different products, what others have called a one-dimensional skateboard, but what we call our E-Flex Platform, a multi-use solution,” said Karma Automotive COO, Kevin Pavlov. “There are up to 22 different possible configurations available, covering various battery-packaging variants and different drive motor drive systems. We can deliver a wide range of configurations dependent on the builder’s priority.”

Karma recognized a high demand within the electric vehicle market to develop a new electrified platform with increased versatility. Prior to Karma’s E-Flex Platform, the cost required to develop, test, certify and build a new EREV or BEV platform has been prohibitive, requiring as much as a billion-dollar investment for manufacturers.  Karma’s versatile E-Flex Platform will allow vehicle manufacturers faster entry into the electric vehicle market at a substantially reduced development cost.

“Taken together, our emerging technology, manufacturing, design and other services leverage our expertise – and the capabilities of our partners – to offer truly innovative solutions.  We look forward to showing more of Karma’s unique platform solutions and technology in coming months,” said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou.

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