Toyota RAV4 Goes Airborne, Twists And Flips After Hitting A Guardrail


The driver of a dark red Toyota RAV4 got into a bit of a pickle last week on a freeway in Wilmington, Delaware, after seemingly getting caught off-guard.

While we can’t tell you why this happened, it’s pretty obvious that the driver got spooked by getting too close to the left guardrail and didn’t act as they should.

Instead of calmly steering his or her SUV away from the metal barrier, the driver kept applying the brakes until the vehicle ended up making contact with the divider, which in turn sent it skidding across all three lanes and into the opposite barrier.

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Instead of bouncing off the structure a second time, the Japanese SUV got launched upwards into a nearby light pole, before flipping over and spinning around. Eventually, it did land on all four wheels, but the damage was already done – you can even see the side airbags deployed on both the driver and passenger side.

The description of the video doesn’t provide us with any information regarding the driver’s health, or that of any potential passengers, but we hope that everyone emerged from this scary accident OK.

This of course isn’t the first video we’ve seen showing what can happen when you bounce off a guardrail like that. The angle of the impact matters a lot though, as does the speed. Could the driver have done more to avoid that second impact? What do you think?

Note: Mind the colorful language used by the semi truck driver

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